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Private Cloud

All of our private cloud packages are tailored to your needs

Our private cloud offering allows your business to run a secure reliable infrastructure with a scalable, zero downtime approach. Many private cloud offerings provide just the resources that your business needs but requires you to have the in-house resource to configure, manage and maintain the environment. All of our private cloud packages are tailored to your needs, whether that be with “hands-on” or “hands-off” support. Either packages comes with full 24/7 support available when required.

Our consultants will assist in reviewing your needs to develop the appropriate cloud architecture for your business. Developing a cloud strategy will ensure the implementation and ongoing success of your cloud solution.

Why private cloud?

  • Dedicated infrastructure – Certain workloads require dedicated resource in order to perform at their optimum, the infrastructure used in a private cloud is dedicated to you so you are able to assign the resources where they are needed most.
  • Increased Security and Privacy – Moving sensitive information to a private cloud gives you extra peace of mind that your data is safe. Dedicated firewalls and security technologies can be implemented to ensure that your sensitive data is not internet facing.
  • More control – As the infrastructure is only accessible by yourselves it can be configured as per your business needs to achieve a tailored solution. Public clouds have centralised management so don’t have this capability
  • Improved reliability – Cloud environments are architected to be ‘always-on’ making every component of the infrastructure redundant gives improved reliability over traditional computing, ensuring that your services are always available. Public clouds benefit from the physical security that comes with a separating your infrastructure away from that used by other companies within the datacentre.
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