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DR/Business Continuity in the cloud

market leader in virtualisation backup and recovery

Using Veeam backup, the market leader in virtualisation backup and recovery, we provide cloud based disaster recovery. Our Veeam Cloud offering is an end to end managed disaster recovery service that ensures seamless recovery and end user connectivity during a disaster event. With our professional services we will work with your technical team to design a disaster recovery plan. Analysing the needs of your business is key to creating a DR plan that is both effective and meets budget requirements. The plan details everything required for effective and reliable recovery, from recovery point and time objectives to who can press the ‘red button’ in the event of a disaster.
  • DR/Business Continuity in the cloud
  • Easy to setup & maintain – We configure and manage the DR setup and DR Plan so you can be completely hands off.
  • Hardware independent – Unlike some DR offerings you aren’t required to have specific hardware at the server or storage level. Veeam works at the hypervisor layer so fits into any virtual environment covering both VMware and Hyper-V installed on any brand of hardware.
  • End User Access – The most important part of a disaster recovery plan is how users will access the system when it comes back online in its cloud location. We evaluate a number of options as part of our professional services to find the solution that best fits your organisation. The chosen solution is then preconfigured onto a virtual appliance so it is ready to be switched on in the event of failover
  • Free biannual DR tests – The only way to ensure your DR plan is water tight is to put it to the test. Our offering includes two free DR tests a year to validate that your plan will be a success in the event of a real disaster
  • No upfront investment – DR in the cloud doesn’t require any upfront capital expenditure, we operate a monthly subscription model. As the solution is tailored to your requirements you only ever pay for what you need
  • Flat VMs – As your replicated virtual machines sit in a powered off state when your environment is operating normally we don’t need to charge as if the assigned resource was constantly in use. This makes for a more cost effective DR solution as only the storage is always required
  • Onsite backup targets – The outage you face won’t always be a full site failure, in which instance you will want to restore just an individual machine, we can integrate local backup copies into your disaster recovery plan so that you are able to quickly restore back into your local environment
  • Physical servers – Veeam only backs up virtual environments, we acknowledge that many environments will still have physical servers deployed. In these instances we are able to utilise other products within our portfolio to provide DR in the cloud
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