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Cloud Desktops

Your desktop is accessible however you choose to work

A cloud desktop provides the same end user experience as that of a desktop PC. The operating system and applications continue to behave as if they were running locally. With a cloud desktop however, you benefit from the power of the cloud behind your PC. Your desktop is accessible however you choose to work. Get access from PC, MAC, laptop, tablet and smartphone wherever you have an internet connection.
  • Work from anywhere – Our Hosted Desktops are available via a desktop client, a web browser and available on tablet devices via an app. All you need is an internet connection
  • Reduce IT Costs – Increase the life of your existing hardware by working from a hosted desktop our servers do all the work rather than your local computer, you can retire your existing servers and run all of your applications from our cloud platform.
  • Go green and reduce power costs – By moving your computing power to our cloud your power costs can drastically reduce as you switch off servers that are no longer used, as PCs come to the end of their lives they can be swapped with cheaper more efficient thin clients.
  • Access to the most up to date software – As part of your Hosted Desktop subscription you are given access to the latest Microsoft Office Software as it is released
  • Security & reliability – We take security seriously, all of our services are provided to you via SSL encryption (the same security you use when accessing your bank or shopping online).
  • UK based IT Support – With us as your outsourced support team we will deal with your day to day IT issues. Unlimited IT Support is included as part of our Hosted Desktop service.
To explore the Business Benefits that Qual Cloud Desktops can bring to your organisation, or if you would like to discuss arranging a FREE consultation on a wide range of products and/or services, call us now on +44 (0)1293 400 720
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